LED tube lights for machines and systems of all kinds.

KIRA LED tube lights – the ideal solution as machine lights in industrial systems! Our comprehensive range of tube lights not only offers innovative lighting solutions, but also a variety of advantages that perfectly meet your needs in industrial environments. Our LED machine lights are available in different sizes and different voltage versions. Regardless of whether you need compact models for limited spaces or powerful luminaires for large area illumination - we have the right solution for your individual requirements. The tube lights are available in various IP protection levels, including IP54, IP65, IP67 and IP68. Whether you need robust outdoor lighting or protected indoor lighting, we offer the appropriate protection level for every environment. We offer various connection variants to ensure smooth integration into your existing systems. Within the modular lighting series you get different lighting sizes in a uniform design. To make the installation process easier for you, our LED tube lights are included with the necessary mounting material.
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Areas of application

  • Machine tools - as work lighting on machine tools such as milling machines, lathes and drills
  • CNC machines -  Lighting for the control panels, work areas and workpieces
  • Manufacturing plants - efficient lighting for monitoring various production processes
  • Assembly workstations - here, LED machine lights provide bright and optimal illumination to enable precise assembly and testing work
  • Quality control and inspection - in quality control and inspection areas, LED machine lights are used to ensure a clear view of products and inspection details.
  • Medical technology - in medical technology, LED machine lights are used in the production of medical devices and equipment.
  • Automotive industry - in automobile production, LED machine lights are used on various production lines and assembly stations.
  • Car workshops - LED tube lights are ideal as a lighting solution for car lifts and car pits.
  • Textile and printing industry - in the textile and printing industry, LED machine lights provide precise lighting for sewing machines, printing machines and other manufacturing equipment.