UV-A LED tube lights - for special applications

KIRA UV-A LED tube lights - small, compact and powerful, they offer a versatile solution for a variety of applications, including quality controls, adhesive curing and much more. Thanks to their innovative design, they deliver precise UV light for effective inspection and curing, while being lightweight and quick to install. Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your processes with our UV-A LED tube lights and achieve first-class results.
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UV-A LED tube lights areas of application

  1. Quality Control and Inspection: These light sources are used in the manufacturing industry to inspect materials for cracks, surface defects and contamination. They play a critical role in industries such as metalworking, plastics manufacturing and electronics by identifying defects before products leave the factory.

  2. Adhesive curing: UV-A lights cure UV-curing adhesives and coatings, used in areas such as automotive, electronics and aviation, enabling rapid curing.

  3. Printing and varnishing: In the printing and coatings industry, UV-A lights accelerate the drying and curing process of inks, varnishes and coatings, increasing productivity and reducing production times.

  4. Material characterization: In plastics and textile production, UV-A lights are used to analyze and characterize fluorescent properties of materials, which is helpful in quality assurance and product development.