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EX-proof LED lamps - our light for your safety!

Explosion-proof lights are specially designed hand lamps, tube lights and work lamps that are designed for use in potentially explosive environments. The term "ex-proof" comes from the abbreviation of the Latin word "explosio" (explosion) and refers to devices designed to minimize the risk of an explosion in hazardous atmospheric conditions. These hand lamps meet certain safety standards and certifications to be used in environments where flammable gases, vapors, mists or dusts may be present.
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Areas of application:

Our explosion-proof luminaires, also known as explosion-proof luminaires, are used in various industrial areas where explosive atmospheres can occur. Here are some typical areas of use:
  • Petrochemical industry - In refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical operations where flammable gases and vapors are present.
  • Oil and Gas industry - On drilling rigs, production facilities, and other oil and gas industry facilities where combustible materials may be present.
  • Chemical industry - In facilities that work with chemical substances, explosion-proof luminaires are used in warehouses, production areas and laboratories.
  • Food and beverage industry - In areas where flammable substances such as flour dust or alcoholic vapors may be present, explosion-proof luminaires are used to illuminate machines and systems or as inspection lights for control and cleaning work.
  • Pharmaceutical industry - In pharmaceutical production facilities, laboratories and storage rooms where potentially flammable substances are present.
  • Energy production - In power plants, especially in areas where combustible materials are used.
  • Aerospace industry - In areas of aerospace facilities where fuels or other flammable materials are used.
  • Logistics and warehousing - In warehouses where potentially flammable substances are stored or in tank trucks to illuminate the filling and dispensing fittings.
  • Biogas plants / sewage treatment plants - In plants in which gases are produced due to biological processes.