We grant the legally prescribed warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase for the products manufactured by us. Within this period we will, at our discretion, either repair all product defects due to manufacturing or materials or  replace the product or accessory at no cost, if the cause already existed at the time of transfer of risk There is no legal entitlement to the advance replacement of defective products.

Damages to accessories do not automatically cause a replacement of the complete product.

Damages due to inappropriate use (operation on wrong voltage or type of current, connecting to unsuitable power supplies, breakage, etc.) are exempt from warranty, as are normal wear and minor defects that only negligibly influence the product serviceability.

Warranty work done by KIRA Leuchten GmbH does not extend the warranty period nor does it constitute a claim for a new warranty.

Consumable parts are not included in the warranty and are therefore at the customers expense.

In case of unauthorized or made by a third party interventions / repairs and / or the use of non-original spare parts warranty and product liability expires.