EX-proof flashlights and work lights - not rechargeable

With us you will find an exclusive selection of first-class Ex luminaires from Acculux, made in Germany. Acculux products stand for the highest safety standards and first-class quality. Whether with battery or rechargeable battery, our lights are designed for a variety of Ex zones and areas of application. Trust in their reliability and stability to always ensure optimal lighting in even the most demanding environments.
Acculux STL 1 EX head lamp
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Explore the versatile applications of Accolux lights

  • In hazardous areas: Whether in petrochemical plants or in mining - Accolux lights provide reliable lighting solutions that meet the stringent safety requirements in explosive environments.

  • For fire brigade / rescue services:  During nocturnal rescue missions or in situations requiring fast and dependable lighting, Accolux lights are indispensable tools for fire brigades and rescue services.

  • In industrial areas: From factory halls to warehouses - Accolux lights ensure bright and uniform illumination in industrial environments, enhancing safety and efficiency in the workplace.

  • In craftsmanship: Whether during repairs in confined spaces or construction work outdoors - Accolux lights provide craftsmen with the necessary illumination to execute their tasks accurately and safely.