EX-protected rechargeable lights - mobile light in EX areas

Discover an exclusive selection of high-quality Ex luminaires from Acculux - Made in Germany. The products from "Acculux offer you the safety and quality you need. Whether with a battery or rechargeable battery, our lights are suitable for various Ex zones and a wide range of applications. You can rely on their reliability and robustness to also... Always be optimally lit in demanding environments.
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Discover the versatile uses of Accolux lights

  • Explosion-proof areas: Whether in petrochemical plants or in the mining industry - Acculux luminaires offer safe lighting solutions that meet the strict requirements in explosive environments.

  • Fire brigade / rescue services: Acculux lights are indispensable companions for fire brigade and rescue services during night-time rescue operations or in situations where fast and reliable lighting is required.

  • Industrial areas: From factory floors to warehouses, Acculux luminaires provide bright and even illumination in industrial environments, increasing safety and efficiency in the workplace.

  • Crafts: Whether repairs in tight spaces or outdoor construction work, Acculux lights provide tradesmen with the lighting they need to carry out their tasks precisely and safely.