ATEX LED hand lamps - our light for your safety!

Our Ex-certified hand lamps and work lights are designed to provide you with reliable support in areas with explicit explosion protection requirements. They are used as work and inspection lights, be it for repair, maintenance or cleaning operations in environments and scenarios that may contain explosive atmospheres. The perfect illumination, combined with proven safety certification, offers you support in these specific areas of application. Whether you are looking for a handy EX lamp, an oversized hand lamp with EX protection or a special version with complete 360° illumination - we have the solution!
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Areas of application

Our luminaires, which function as explosion-proof variants, also known as explosion-proof luminaires, develop their applications in various industrial environments in which the occurrence of explosive atmospheres is possible. Below you will find some common areas of application:
Petrochemical industry - in refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical plants where flammable gases and vapors are present, explosion-proof lights prove to be indispensable.
Oil and gas industry - whether on drilling rigs, production systems or other facilities in the oil and gas industry where flammable substances play a role, explosion-proof lights are used.
Chemical industry - in systems that operate with chemical substances, explosion-proof luminaires have proven themselves in warehouses, production areas and laboratories.
Food and beverage industry - in areas where flammable substances such as flour dust or alcoholic vapors may be present, explosion-proof luminaires are used to illuminate machines and systems or as inspection lights for control and cleaning work.
Pharmaceutical industry - Explosion-proof lights are indispensable companions in pharmaceutical production plants, laboratories and storage rooms where potentially flammable substances can occur.
Energy generation - explosion-proof lights are used in power plants, especially in areas where flammable materials are used.
Aerospace industry - in areas of aerospace facilities where fuels or other flammable materials are used, explosion-proof lights are essential.
Logistics and warehousing - explosion-proof lights are used in warehouses where potentially flammable substances are stored or in tank trucks to illuminate the filling and dispensing fittings.
Biogas plants / sewage treatment plants - these lights are of great importance in plants in which gases are produced through biological processes.